The clip-over belt loop is designed for easy belt attachment. It can be used on sheaths, holsters, magazine carriers, and other items that have the same mounting system that accept 1.00-1.50 inch centers on the hole pattern. The clip-over belt loop is designed to fit belts from 1.75 down to 1.25 inches and includes 2 belt sizing retainers that create perfect size reductions for each belt width from 1.75, 1.50 to 1.25 inches. This attachment design will also work without a belt.

The basic clip-over belt loop model comes without mounting hardware, but does include (2) belt size reduction retainers with mounting screw. This value-priced combo is the Clip-Over Belt Loop with mounting hardware included. Each Clip-Over Belt Loop comes with (2) AV-SP-18750-BK slotted posts, (2) AV-832PHP-BK-375 Pan Head Phillips Drive Screws, and (2) W-EPDM-500180125 EPDM washers. This mounting hardware setup is perfect for most applications.

Clip-Over Belt Loop
Carry: Ambidextrous
Dimensions: (2.90 x 2.125 x .50) Inches
Belt Size: (1.75 = no-retainer, 1.50 = retainer #1, 1.25 = retainer #2) Inches
Belt Size Retainers Included: Yes (2) (includes flat head 8-32 screw)
Mounting Hardware Included: Yes
Mounting Holes: (3)
Mounting Hole Spacing: (1.00 & 1.50) Inches


Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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