Scalloped edged belts are great for edge grinding without producing any unwanted gouges. Scalloped edge belts are made using a flexible J-weight material that can flex and contour to your work piece. WIth the extra flexibility from the scalloped edge, these belts are much better at conforming to your handle shape when grinding. These are to be used with the "slack" of the belt and should not be used if you are grinding against a platen or contact wheel.

As a reference, the lower the grit number, the more aggressive the removal of stock will be. It is wise to have multiple grit versions of these scalloped edge belts available in your shop to work from a starting point on a new project (where you want to remove material quickly - low grit number) down to the refined shaping and finishing (where material is removed at a slower pace, but more refined - high grit number).

Brand: Combat Abrasives
Type: Scalloped Edge
Abrasive: Aluminum Oxide
Grit: 400
Belt Size: 1 x 72 Inches  (Note: These are designed to be used on a 2x72 inch sander/grinder)


Manufacturer: Combat Abrasives

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