The Combat Survivor is a military-styled survival knife kit with a multi-purpose design. This is an excellent mid-sized fixed blade knife kit with an overall length at 10.25 inches, and a nicely balanced 4.75 inch blade length. This fixed blade knife blank features a deep false edge and has a serrated gripper surface on the top spine of the blade. It is hollow-ground, has a beautiful satin finish, and comes pre-drilled with (3) .250 inch holes for handle pins (included - stainless steel). This fixed blade knife kit design also has a .250 inch thong hole pre-drilled in the rear of the handle (thong-hole tubing not included). Made from AUS8 stainless steel, this blade blank has been heat and cryo-treated for durability, and for maximum edge retention.

For alternate handle construction, use any of our .250 inch handle pin stock, Corby rivets, handle bolts, or mosaic pins, etc. The Combat Survivor is a very popular model, and makes a great project for a weekend knife making session. Spend some quality workshop time with this kit and enjoy the fun of custom knife making and customization.

Skill Rating: Level II
Blade Steel: AUS8 (Heat/Cryo-Treated)
Overall Length: 10.25 inches
Blade Length: 4.75 inches
Blade Width: 1.625 inches
Blade Thickness: .178 inch
Tang Holes: (3) .250 inches
Handle Pinstock Included: Yes (Stainless Steel)
Handle Material Included: No
Thong Hole: (1) .250 inches (Tubing not included)

Finish: Satin



Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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