FL001 Frame Lock Folding Knife Kit & Builder Upgrade Options .


This frame lock folding knife kit model is called the "FL001". The FL001 folding knife kit makes a fantastic personal pocket knife with a frame locking design. This frame lock knife kit model is an excellent piece for filework training, experimental liner treatments and overlay design. Because of the base simplicity, this pocket knife kit model is also great as a learning aide for beginners, requiring no modification to produce a great knife. This folding knife kit has different handle options for added customization for the knife kit builder. If you ever wanted to learn how to make a folding knife, consider the FL001 folding knife kit. This frame lock knife kit is a great place to start your next knife making project.
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*FL001 - Frame Lock Folding Knife Kit - (w/Cocobolo Dymondwood Handles)

The FL001 Frame Lock Folding Knife Kit includes all the parts needed to create the above…

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