This is the 6-Pack version of the natural cow hide leather key ring kit in a variety of leather colors.  The leather pieces have the perfect amount of space for adding a custom leather stamp, laser engraving, or other custom embellishments. Leather key fob blanks makes a perfect hobby kit for those looking to learn how to work with leather and makes a great gift item with a personal touch.

Leather Key Fob Color Variety 6-Pack Includes:
(1) Black Leather (8-9oz) Key Fob Blank
(1) Brown Leather (8-9oz) Key Fob Blank
(1) Chestnut Leather (8-9oz) Key Fob Blank
(1) Chocolate Leather (8-9oz) Key Fob Blank
(1) London Tan Leather (8-9oz) Key Fob Blank
(1) Natural Leather (8-9oz) Key Fob Blanks

Leather Key Fob Kit

Material: Natural Cow Hide Leather (8-9oz)
Color: Color Variety
Quantity: 6-Pack




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