This is a natural cow hide leather keychain in Chestnut. This leather keychain is held securely around a 1.25 inch diameter flat key ring with a black double cap leather rivet. The leather keychain features a black metal trigger snap that has a 360° swivel for free movement of the snap. The spring-loaded closing mechanism on the trigger snap requires a purposeful push of the trigger arm to open the snap and will securely hold virtually anything it is attached to. Carry your keys with confidence with this heavy duty leather keychain. Handmade in the USA.

Material: Natural Cow Hide Leather
Color: Chestnut
Rivet: Double Cap - Black

Trigger Snap: Black
Ring: Flat - Nickel (1.25 Inch Diameter)
Overall Length: (6.875 Inches)
Handmade in the USA
Sold Individually


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