Multi Mold® North American Arms holster molding props are used for making thermoform plastic and custom-fitted leather holsters for various North American Arms firearms and magazines. Made from plastic/urethane resin, these are very sturdy, yet water resistant. Made by a professional holster maker, these holster molding props are custom designed from the actual live models.and have been modified to improve the fit-up of your holsters, as the site channel and trigger areas have been filled-in for improved draw and re-holstering. These are excellent holster props for North American Arms models.and are designed with the professional holster maker in mind. Create the perfect holster for your North American Arms model
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Multi Mold® - Holster Molding Prop - for NAA Pug 22

Multi Mold® 
Holster Molding Prop
for NAA Pug 22

Multi Mold® holster…

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