Poplar wood has a light cream to yellowish brown coloring with occasional streaks of gray or green. Colors tend to darken upon exposure to light. This wood is typically straight grained with a medium texture and has a low natural luster. Considered very easy to work with in almost all regards, and with strength sufficient for most projects, good stiffness, stability, and wear resistance, Poplar knife handle scales are a utility wood in nearly every sense. Our popular wood handle scale sets have been resin stabilized and dyed under pressure to increase performance, ensure long life, and increase natural beauty.

Material: Popular Wood
Format: Scale Set (2)
Resin Stabilized: Yes
Dyed: Black
Grade: Premium
Book Matched: Yes
Size (inches): (2)(6.0 x 1.5 x 0.25)


Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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